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Bienvenido! Welcome to Mexiko 4 U!


We have created Mexiko 4 U, to share and bring to you our beloved Mexico; rich in colors, traditions and exquisite crafted arts, that are so unique.

We bring all of our products directly from Mexico. We work directly with the artisans that craft these products, which in many cases create these in small craft shops, or entire families that share the manufacturing process (a mexican tradition), and we do it under the principals of 'fair trade'.

Therefore, most of our products are carefully crafted by hand, giving them its unique essence as well as its charm. Some of them are also unique pieces, and many are elaborated only with natural materials.

For some of these artisans, Europe is a new market and they are very happy that their products have been brought here.

As part of sharing with you these traditions and the mexican culture, you will see in our store, products with an accent on some of the escential Mexican icons as: the Virgin of Guadalupe (Tonantzin), the Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos), the Catrina (skeleton), the Lucha Libre (wrestling), Frida Kahlo, and other.

We trust that you will find in our store that magical touch, those vivid colours and that vast and rich culture that Mexico has, to share with you.

Mexiko 4 U

If you are interested regarding individually customized pieces, please contact us via email at: [email protected].

Thank you and enjoy our "Mexico for you".

Mexiko 4 U


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