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Clay Masks

In all pre colombian cultures, there was the belief on many gods. One should not see this gods are individual persons; it is more like they represent the different forces of nature, that act upon the world and that influence the life of man. These forces are ambivalent: some have a creative side, others a distructive side. They appeased their gods, with rituals and offerings. Part of those ritual were performed with dances and representations, in which they often put on masks. Through the use of this masks, the gods would be physically represented during their rituals. And so, the masks were made to represent aspects of the gods or the gods themselves. They were often used by priests, but dancers also used to wear them. With help from these masks, it was possible for Man to have contact with these powerful forces and to create a link between both worlds - the different stratuses from the underworld, the Earth and the spheres of the heavens.

In this collection of masks that we bring you, you will find that even after the Colonization and the Christening, the masks still carry their pre colombian traces. We sell different masks, from various cultures like the Mayan, Toltec, Aztec and many others. These are made of clay and hand painted. Take home with you a piece of Pre Colombian Mexico.

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